Worst Obamacare story yet?

By far one of today's most harrowing headlines is this one from NBC News: the Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance, but continued with the claim anyway. "'You got it, you like it, you keep it.' ---not so much," noted Luke Russert there. According to investigative correspondents Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye, 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million individual insurance consumers can anticipate a “cancellation” letter in the mail. Sally Kohn with Fox News tweeted, "(a) yes insurance cos now have to offer BETTER plans + (b) exchange will offer more, cheaper options = ..."

"Why wasn't this on Nightly News?" demanded Jackie Leo at The Fiscal Times. Meanwhile, National Journal's Ron Fournier ominously remarked, "Once a president loses public's trust ... "

Relatedly, Suzanne Somers (yes, that Suzanne Somers) penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal calling the Affordable Care Act "a socialist Ponzi scheme." But before you go taking the blonde bombshell's word for it, as Scott Bixby at Bloomberg Businessweek felt compelled to point out, "Suzanne Somers' anti-'Obamacare' @WSJ editorial already has three corrections." Also at Bloomberg, Oliver Staley teased, "Three's company?" ProPublica's Charles Ornstein had a sharper take: "ICYMI, Suzanne Somers is an expert on the Affordable Care Act. Not. See corrections at end." James Cowan with Canadian Business took umbrage with the actress's references to his homeland: "When an American celebrity condescendingly explains your country, is that Canadasplaining?"

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