Featured journalist: Sean Gallagher

Oct 30, 2013

Today we're pleased to highlight the work of Sean Gallagher with Ars Technica, the technology news and information website. An IT editor at AT, Gallagher is also a self-proclaimed "tech wisacre" as well as "[o]ccasional coder and hardware hacker." In his role, he covers everything from cyberwarfare to biotech to big data to open source. In essence, he's capable of covering a lot of ground, and he has the laurels to prove it, too: in 2003 he won the American Association of Business Publication Editors National Gold Award for co-authoring a case study on the failure of McDonalds' attempt to computerize its franchisee process right down to how often the fryer oil was changed.

The name of that piece? "McBusted." Awesome.

Gallagher became a journalist because, as he puts it, "Storytelling and news gathering have been part of my psyche since I pretended to be an on-the-street reporter with a tape recorder at age 6." He got his start as a freelancer on the trade finance beat, which led to his first full-time gig as assistant editor for a DC computer newspaper.

His proudest moment, however, involved interviewing the 9/11 survivors of the Wall Street trading firm Cantor Fitzgerald, which lost 658 of its employees to that fateful morning.

FYI, here is what Gallagher had to say to PR people: "We don't take pitched stories very often. I prefer PR people understand Ars before wildly pitching, or I may never have time to respond." Good advice for anyone on either side of journalism: know your publication.

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