Roberts joins Mashable masthead

After months of wondering where former Reuters digital head and media veteran Jim Roberts would go next, we have the answer: Roberts has just joined Mashable, as executive editor and chief content officer. The demise of Roberts' Reuters Next came as a shock and disappointment for those who followed its progress, so this is welcome news for many fans of the journalist.

"Just in: I’m joining @Mashable as exec editor & chief content officer. Excited to team up with @PeteCashmore & crew!" Roberts announced this morning on Twitter, to the social media equivalent of thunderous applause.

"Congrats to a consummate newsman," was the response from Bloomberg's Winnie O'Kelley.

"Big day for the @Mashable team. @nycjim and the Mashable crew have so much to offer one another," remarked Drake Martinet with NowThisNews.

"Today's cool job of the day award goes to @nycjim," concluded Scott Kleinberg at the Chicago Tribune.

CEO and founder of the "Technorati Top 10" blog Pete Cashmore also tweeted the news. "So excited to have @nycjim joining the Mashable team! Welcome, Jim!"

In his official announcement, Roberts writes, "[A]bove all, I learned how important it was for journalists to be active participants in the conversation. Not just to pitch stories and broadcast updates on Twitter or Facebook, but to listen to and talk to the audience. I do it on my own feed, @nycjim, and the journalists I like to follow do it on theirs. ... Which brings me to Mashable."

Meanwhile, Metro UK's Richard Moynihan noted, "Mashable Exec Editor & Chief Content Officer @nycjim has a distinctly fine accompanying photo on his first story," referencing the indesputably glamorous photo of Roberts that accompanied the Mashable post.

"Not often you get to do a Times Square photo shoot," Roberts admitted on Twitter.

This photo also inspired a fan to photoshop it by turning the subject into a cat (because, of course), which Roberts appreciatively retweeted. Proving once again, Roberts is still the journalistic sovereign of social media.

As if there was ever any doubt.

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