Secrets and spies

Back to the NSA, U.S. Says France, Spain Aided NSA Spying from Adam Entous and Siobhan Gorman in the Wall Street Journal. John Crowley there kindly wrote, “Good morning. Our lead story on the US saying France and Spain aided NSA spying.” Dave Brown at Yahoo! News called it “Norm!”

Alan Rusbridger at the New York Review of Books got in the fray to tell us about The Snowden Leaks and the Public. He also tweeted: “Here's a New York Review of Books essay I've written on Snowden, journalism, ethics, secrecy & #NSA.” Mathew Ingram from GigaOM tweeted: “Senior exec told @rusbridger Silicon Valley companies who deny NSA deals are basically lying.” Spencer Ackerman at the Guardian added, “Love @arusbridger's shout to @jamesrbuk here.” Scott Klein from ProPublica said, “Orwell would surely have regarded Clapper's ‘least untruthful’ statement as a doubleplusgood answer.”

This morning, the Financial Times wrote: Allies spy on US, say intelligence chiefs. Alix Steel at Bloomberg News admitted, “This is kind of awesome.” That article was accompanied by a nifty infographic that explains Who the US spies on and why. Paul Lewis at the Guardian called it a “Simple clean graphic.” Paul Hodkinson from Financial News tweeted: “Crumbs.”

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