Two new hires by Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald may still be at The Guardian, but he continues to juggle that job with building his new journalistic empire with tech billionaire Pierre Omidyar. And now, two more have joined him.

"So excited to announce 2 great journalists joining our team: @LilianaSegura and Dan @froomkin," Greenwald shared on his Twitter yesterday.

If you don't already recognize her name, Liliana Segura is currently an editor with The Nation known for her focus on the American criminal justice system: in particular, prisoners, prisons and their shortcomings.

"Thrilled to join @pierre @ggreenwald Laura Poitras @jeremyscahill & @froomkin on a journalistic adventure. Huge thanks for the kind words!" Segura tweeted enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Dan Froomkin is a freelance journalist (previously with two very different Posts: The Washington Post and Huffington Post) with whom we're already familiar, having watched him prepare to launch his new web site for several months. Now it appears he's shelved that idea to join Greenwald and Omidyar in their new venture instead.

"Congrats to @froomkin and @LilianaSegura! This is one hell of a lineup," observed Ned Resnikoff at MSNBC.  

True. And we can't wait to see them step up to the plate.

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