Wheeling and dealing

BuzzFeed’s John Herrman lets us in on Why Twitter Just Turned Itself Inside Out. Luke Lewis there wrote, “Re: image previews.” Jay Rosen said, “Excellent piece on the changes—in line images—that Twitter just introduced, (which I don't like but nobody cares.)”

Arik Hesseldahl and Peter Kafka at All Things D have an update on Intel’s TV venture. Aaron Pressman from Yahoo! News said, “Dead as a doornail, surprise, surprise - Intel may turn over its web TV project to Verizon.” Jay Yarow from Business Insider chimed in with: “I can (and can not) believe Intel is already giving up on its big TV experiment. What a weird thing that was.”

In other tech news, Dana Mattioli and Will Connors from the Wall Street Journal say BlackBerry Met With Facebook Last Week to Discuss Potential Bid. Felix Gillette at Bloomberg Businessweek tweeted from the story: "Buying BlackBerry would let Facebook...sell a line of its own phones directly to its most rabid users.” Bruce Upbin with Forbes thinks this “Makes perfect sense.” Jon Brodkin at Ars Technica was less convinced: “LOlwut.”

For one more deal today, Michael de la Merced at the Times hears that Pricewaterhouse will Buy Booz Consulting Firm. Jeffrey Cane from the New York Times tweeted: “PWC-Booz : ‘issue of an accounting firm’s buildup of consulting businesses that could pose conflicts of interest.’” Baz Hiralal at The Deal wrote, “PwC reported $32B+ revenue FY13, Booz estimated at about $1B.” Brian Fung at the Washington Post just said, “Whoa.”

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