Featured journalist: Tamara Lush

For Halloween, we choose to feature Tamara Lush with the Associated Press--a Florida-based journalist who started off the haunted holiday with this tweet: "FLORIDA headline of the morning: Residents hope bears and trick-or-treaters don't mix." Halloween in Florida already sounds dangerous!

Similarly, the AP correspondent's bio promises her tweets will always offer  "[f]resh squeezed news from Florida!" And she does indeed seem to cover all things Floridian; among her electic beats, she lists theme parks, natural disasters, tourism, agriculture and the death penalty. Perusing her portfolio yields an equally wide variety of topics sharing in common only their location: these range from the delightful ("Florida pig using wheelchair becomes an inspiration") to the distressing ("Florida Marine vet fights cancer, government") to the disturbing ("Florida police officers entangled in sex scandal"). If you're looking for Sunshine State coverage, Lush's twitterfeed is the first place you should go. 



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