Forbes writer joins San Fran office

Forbes media reporter Jeff Bercovici will leave the publication's New York office to assume the role of senior editor at the San Francisco bureau.

"The news is out: I'm moving to San Fran to cover tech for @Forbes," Bercovici tweeted, but added, "Not till after the New Year so plenty of time for farewell drinks."

"Congrats!" was the response from Kevin Roose, who's with New York Magazine but based in San Francisco.

"[T]hanks! let's get a beer when I get there," Bercovici replied.

But then the congratulatory tweets went awry, as Felix Salmon at Reuters chimed in with, "warning: @kevinroose has been known to flake on such plans."

"I believe Kevin and I had a plan to meet and I flaked," Wall Street Journal's Farhad Manjoo offered, helpfully.

"Always the flakee, never the flake," countered Roose.

"[D]udes, can we please keep this about me?" Bercovici reminded the group, as the entire point of the conversation seemed lost.

But it was too late. Roose was already on a roll: "We should have a giant hangout where you guys get together and then flake on me en masse."

"I think it’s called the Edmund Lee media-drinks get-together," Salmon observed, roping in the Bloomberg News reporter.

Hope you fellas figure this out in time to make it happen. Fortunately, you have until January. Congratulations on your new gig, Jeff!

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