Scary states

Oct 31, 2013

For some entirely new intrigue today, Al Jazeera writes about an FBI investigation of a California political dynasty, which uncovered alleged bribery and corruption. Lisa Fletcher there wrote, “...It's an AlJazeera exclusive.” Ruben Vives at the LA Times said, “Details emerge about the #FBI investigation into State Sen. Ron Calderon (D-Montebello).” Tom Nuttall with The Economist added, “Just when California's pols were starting to get cocky again.”

At MSNBC, the story titled “I'm showing my son mercy” by Irin Carmon is about a couple ending a wanted pregnancy n the most "pro-life" state. Stephanie Whiteside at said, “You should absolutely read this article on what Oklahoma's restrictive abortion laws look like in practice.” Kay Steiger at Raw Story wrote, “Awesome @irin piece on how abortion restrictions play out in the real world of conservative Oklahoma.” Richard Wolffe at MSNBC added, “Think you know how bad the GOP is for women? Think again. This is a must-read by @irin.” Jamelle Bouie with Daily Beast admitted, “Oklahoma’s ‘culture of life,’ sounds like a culture of cruelty.”

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