#Muckedup chat Tuesday: Content Syndication & Farms

Nov 01, 2013

We're all at war. A no-holds barred content war for clicks, eyeballs and ad dollars. And the battlelines are changing. The fight is no longer just being waged in the newsroom—it's moved into corporate board rooms. That's because big business has woken up to the fact that good content drives brand loyalty. And that's made them hungry to source material and get it in front of readers. 

Deep pocketed companies are paying established journalists to pen compelling content on stand-alone news sites and syndication platforms. It's a new age, with players that include NewsCred, a distribution startup working directly with brands to create content. Then there's Repost, a company allowing news sites to repurpose and recycle old stories, which they say improves page views and click through rates. 

Instead of shaking the journalism tree to its core, this new branch of the media may actually be a real answer (or at least a viable alternative) to the business' ineherent revenue dollars. More views means more dollars. And big brands have the deep pockets to bankroll this movement and make sure writers aren't the slaves of the internet

Then there's the story of the content farm, sites that publish and publish and publish all day and night, creating what some call "churnalism," and others a reflection of the content hungry tastes of a never ending 24-hour new cycle. 

What's right, what's wrong, what's going on—we'll tackle all this and more this week on the chat. So join us this Tuesday, November 5 at 8 EST and get #muckedup.

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