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Dylan Byers at Politico got President Obama, off the record. Richard Hall from the Independent explains “According to this Politico piece, Obama regularly sits down with Thomas Friedman and asks him what he thinks.” Freelancer John McQuaid said, “If I were Obama, I'd probably summon Ezra Klein and David Brooks for a chat every so often myself.” Ben White at Politico added, “The only problem with these Obama journo confabs is I haven't been invited to any of them. Sad face.”

In case the president talking about himself to journalists doesn’t seem like a way to fix the country, Alex Seitz-Wald at National Journal writes A How-To Guide to Blowing Up the Constitution. Marina Koren there said, “If we could write the Constitution all over again, in 2013, how would it look?” Colleague Tim Grieve thinks it’s “Possibly the best @nationaljournal cover ever.” David Kenner with Foreign Policy Magazine added, “cc Egypt.”

Seems other people want to switch up government because according to Jonathan Martin at the New York Times, there’s a new book coming out with Details about the past Consideration of Replacing Biden on 2012 Ticket. Angie Goff at NBC Washington, D.C. wrote, “Book details Obama's aides talks about replacing Biden with Hillary on 2012 ticket. Roosevelt & Lincoln did it.” Toby Harnden at The Times spelled it out, “Double Down roadkill so far? Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman.” Ari Melber at MSNBC tweeted this quote from the story: “You have to remember at that point, The President was in awful shape, so we were like, Holy Christ, what do we do?” Brian Stelter at the New York Times added, “‘Game Change 2012’ preview, part 1, in today's NYT. Part 2, in today's Playbook.”

And back to the immediate problem at hand, Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine writes Why letting everybody keep their health insurance plan would be a horrible idea. Ryan Chittum with Columbia Journalism Review said, “To all reporters writing about Obamacare/dropped coverage: read Jon Chait on what insurance is.” Timothy Carney from the Washington Examiner wrote, “Democrats make high tax rates, give you a tax deduction for buying X, tell you X is now a gift from government.” Zachary Roth with MSNBC added, “This @jonathanchait post really helped me understand what's happening w/ the complaint about coverage being dropped.” Emily Peck at Huffington Post tweeted this quote from the piece: “Many people who are happy with their health-insurance plan are happy only b/c they are unaware of its actual value.” Tim O'Brien with Bloomberg News tweeted another: "No decent health-care reform can keep in place every currently existing private plan.”

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