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Starting with the national healthcare crisis, Talking Points Memo did a Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers. Nick Martin there said, “Be sure to read @TPM's investigation into how insurers are hiding Obamacare benefits from their customers.” Colleague Brian Beutler wrote, “A public option would've been an excellent antidote to bullshit like this.” Nick Confessore at the New York Times added, “Good story from @TPM on one element of "sticker shock": Insurers manuevering to keep customers off cheaper plans.”

The Huffington Post published a post from President Obama saying Congress needs to Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Kim Bhasin there explained, “Huffington Post blogger @BarackObama explains why Congress should pass ENDA.” Colleague Dave Jamieson reminded: “This is the same dude who said don't believe everything you read in HuffPost.” Sabrina Siddiqui also at Huffington Post added, “FLIP FLOP.”

For other political figures you may or may not want to hear about, the Boston Globe writes that A year after defeat, Mitt Romney seeks to reemerge as a public voice. Gabriel Debenedetti with Reuters tweeted from the story: "Romney is hoping to influence the direction of the party by creating what he called a 'small' PAC." David Leonhardt at the New York Times tweeted: “‘We should reward those states that award delegates ... based upon primaries,’ -Mitt Romney, democrat.” Alex Burns from Politico said: “Both RGA and Romney speaking out against using conventions to choose nominees.” David Shepardson with Detroit News wrote, “Since losing, @MittRomney spending time fishing in Alaska, hiking in California, vacationed in Ontario on Lake Huron.” Will Roseliep at WGBH added: “What's a guy to do after losing a White House bid? Trade in your Mustang, buy a house, do charity work.”

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