NYC restaurant woes

Nov 04, 2013

For news that only a very specific group of you will relate to: Foster Kamer writes The Balthazar Bathroom Attendant Era Is Over, Long Live the Balthazar Bathroom Attendants for First We Feast. Kamer, who’s actually at Complex said, “So, after @hblodget's screed against Balthazar bathroom attendants, McNally says they will be no more.” Max Read at Gawker pointed out: “Don’t say blogs never accomplished anything! blodget got a bunch of bathroom attendants fired.” Sam Biddle at Gawker put it another way, “SEC criminal gets the help fired for daring to look at him.” Dan Nosowitz from Popular Science wrote, “Congratulations to noted domesticated canine @hblodget for getting a bunch of people fired.” Brian Barrett at Gizmodo pointed out, “I thought we all agreed to never take Blodget seriously.” Henry Blodget at Business Insider chimed in to say:  “Whoa! I hope they're hiring them as waiters!”

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