Sad news

In the New Yorker, Patti Smith writes about Mourning Lou Reed. at the Guardian wrote, “If you can manage more on Lou Reed, then this, by Patti Smith via @NewYorker.” Colleague Richard Williams called it, “Poet to poet.” Kim Nash with CIO said, “This is beautiful.” Max Abelson at Bloomberg News said, “Monday moment of zen: Sam Shepard calling Patti Smith while driving a truck through Kentucky.” Ben Williams from New York Magazine thinks “The Lou Reed obits haven't been all that interesting, because he's already one of most picked-over rock stars.” Aaron Rutkoff at Bloomberg Businessweek added, “Patti Smith on Velvet Underground: ‘A dissonant surf doo-wop drone allowing you to move very fast or very slow.’”

For one final bit of heartbreak, we agree with Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times: last night’s chalkboard gag on The Simpsons, in honor of Marcia Wallace, was indeed a heartbreaker.

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