Tech travails

Nov 04, 2013

The Globe and Mail reports that the BlackBerry-Fairfax deal has died and Thorsten Heins is out. Michael Carney from PandoDaily explained, “Blackberry competes w/ companies w/ 10s of $B in cash, who make that much ea. qtr. How does raising $1B help.”

The Wall Street Journal was also on the story, writing Blackberry Abandons Sale Process. Jim Sterngold there said, “As things settle down…” Colleague Michael Derby put it mildly: “Things are going rather badly for the crew over at Blackberry.” Brian Fitzgerald also at WSJ said, “Can only imagine the drama in the halls of Waterloo.”

In other tech news, Deborah Kan at the Wall Street Journal tells us that Google's Eric Schmidt Lambasts NSA Over Spying. Brendan Moran there tweeted this quote of Schmidt’s: “It's really outrageous that the NSA was looking between the Google data centers, if that's true.” Colleague Dion Nissenbaum added, “Google's Eric Schmidt lambasts #NSA over spying: ‘It's just bad public policy... and perhaps illegal.’”

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