Staff Twitter List: Talking Points Memo

Tuesday's featured newsroom is that of Talking Points Memo, a publication specializing in commentary on political events from a politically left perspective. Top tweeters there are Josh Marshall, editor and publisher; Brian Beutler, political reporter; Hunter Walker, national affairs reporter; David Kurtz, managing editor; and last but never least, Nick Martin, associate editor.

The most active tweeters today, however, are Marshall, Beutler, Martin, and ... assistant editor Igor Bobic! As for TPM's most popular stories, today those include "Alabama GOP Special Election Candidate Told Gays To 'Go Back To California Or Vermont,'" "Brazil Admits It Spied On U.S. Diplomats," and "This Woman Made Her 7-Year-Old Son A KKK Costume For Halloween." Yikes. We're bookmarking those for reading, later.

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