Foreign wars

Rolling Stone wonders if U.S. Special Forces are Guilty of War Crimes in Afghanistan. Adam Weinstein at Gawker tweeted: “Whoa, f*** domestic politics for a minute. Intense @mattaikins piece on Special Forces and killings in Afghanistan.” Asad Hashim at Al Jazeera said, “Excellent reporting from @mattaikins, in this @RollingStone piece on alleged war crimes by US forces in Afghanistan” and “On Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (or what's left of it) in exile, and how rhetoric has moved on from ‘reconciliation.’” David Clinch from Storyful thinks it’s “Worth reading.” Marco Werman at BBC added: “#Afghanistan ‘Big Army units were leaving. In their place came small groups of quiet, bearded Americans.’ #WarCrime?”

In other foreign wars, the Washington Post reports that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood finds havens abroad.Anup Kaphle there explained, “Qatar is quietly absorbing the exiles that Egypt's stumbling experiment in democracy has generated.” Freelancer Rebecca Collard called it a “very interesting piece by @ahauslohner about the funded stay of #MB leaders in #doha.” Freelancer Louisa Loveluck said, “Good piece by @ahauslohner on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood's exiled leadership.” Kyle Kim with the GlobalPost added, “Some Brotherhood leaders are living in exile in Doha — and @AlJazeera is paying their bills.”

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