NYC's new mayor is...

Yesterday, we had us an election here in the States and what came out of it wasn’t especially surprising. In New York City, David Chen and Michael Barbaro from the New York Times write that De Blasio Is Elected Mayor, According to Exit Polls. Steven Greenhouse there said, “‘Liberalism is not dead in New York City.’ One professor's take on de Blasio's landslide victory.” Nick Baumann at Mother Jones had a lot of quote from that piece that he liked. Namely: "When Mr. Bloomberg... showed up, the poll worker had a question. What was his first name, again?" ; "In high school, he was known [as] Senator Provolone, + classmates hummed 'Hail to the Chief' w/ he entered.” ;  and "’De Blasio... has never managed an organization larger than 300 people.’ So 300 is the new bar?”

Brigid Bergin at WNYC gave us this Scene from the first meeting between Mayor Bloomberg and De Blasio. Kevin Roose at New York Magazine pointed out: “Bloomy looks thrilled.” Max Read at Gawker tweeded: “U maaaad. u mad.”

In New Jersey, the Trentonian took aim at Governor Chris Christie’s presidential aspiration with the cover "2 MORE YEARS." Benjy Sarlin with MSNBC wrote, “I see what you did there, Trentonian.” Brian Hershberg at the Wall Street Journal said, “Nothing beats a good newspaper headline. Nothing.” Jay Yarow with Business Insider said, “I like Christie’s NJ-flag pin. Where can I get one?”

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