Tech talk

Over in the tech world, Melissa Korn at the Wall Street Journal reports that More Business Graduates Opt for Tech Over Wall Street. Scott Thurm there put it simply: “For MBA's, Silicon Valley > Wall St.” Colleague Rubina Fillion wrote, “Grads of top B-schools are increasingly opting to go into tech sector rather than finance.” Dana Mattioli also at WSJ explained, “Finance is so passe. MBAs are flocking to tech over finance -- only 27% of HBS grads took finance jobs this year.” Ian Sherr at more numbers to share: “At Harvard Business School, 18% of students landed in tech, up from 12% in 2012, and part of a growing trend.”

Elsewhere in tech, Fortune’s Dan Primack tells us How Twitter's largest outside investor tricked [him]. Scott Austin at the Wall Street Journal said, “Ah yes, Form D trickery.” Noah Robischon at Fast Company called it a “Crafty move.” Chris Peacock with CNN tweeted: “Or put another way: How @sacca outplayed everyone on Twitter's secondary share.”

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