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The Guardian tells us that Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating. Freelancer Frank Smyth wrote, “Besides nudity, sex, profanity & violence, Swedish cinema adds gender bias to film ratings.” Kelly Oakes at BuzzFeed admitted, “<3 Sweden .” Freelancer Nina Burleigh tweeted: “Great idea. MT @guardianworld To get an A rating, a movie needs 2 named females discussing something other than a man.” Oliver Morton at The Economist had other priorities: “Is it true that ‘all but one of the Harry Potter movies’ fail the Bechdel test? Do Hermione and McGonagall not talk?”

Yesterday was the 5th of November and as John O'Farrell pointed out, “Those Guy Fawkes masks are just so damn subversive.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that chef Charlie Trotter died Tuesday. Matthew Schniper at Colorado Springs Independent said, “In case you hadn't heard by now: Charlie Trotter, famed Chicago chef, found dead in home.” Carrie Mason-Draffen with Newsday wrote, “A culinary bright light goes out.”

Slate’s Emily Bazelon did some digging into the origins of conservatives’ anti-abortion claims that rape can’t cause pregnancy. Shane Ferro at Reuters said, “Fascinating read linking ‘legitimate rape’/pregnancy arguments to the history of Nazi anatomical research.” Geoffrey Gagnon from Politico wrote, “Inside the Nazi secrets still haunting medicine: A mystery tale of horror & humanity by the wonderful @emilybazelon.” Jennifer Ouellette with Scientific American pointed out: “Nazi Science Is Still Haunting Anatomy and Fueling Conservatives’ Worst Anti-Abortion Arguments.”

At BuzzFeed, they delve into The History Of The World According To The Daily Mail Sidebar Of Shame. Paul Waugh at PoliticsHome said, “World history, DailyMail SideBarOfShame stylee. Flo Nightingale: ‘My lovely lady lamps.’” Dawna Friesen with Global News this it’s “Superb.” Steve Hawkes at the Telegraph called it “Brilliant.” Colleague Harry Wallop added,  “Feisty Joan of Arc looks all grown up as sizzles on the streets of Rouen.”

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