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At the New York Times, Mark Landler says that Kerry Meets With Netanyahu Before Iran Talks. Ford Atkinson at Fox 26 Houston said, “@JohnKerry struggles to please #Israel while negotiating over #Iran nuclear program.” Ted Cruz wrote, “Secretary Kerry, standing with Israel is more important than talking to Iran.” Lauren N. Williams admitted, “I thought this read ‘Kanye’ and got so concerned.”

In The Guardian, you can read the following from Harry Leslie Smith: This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time. Eric Reguly at Globe and Mail called it “A beautiful, moving piece of writing.” Will Jordan from Al Jazeera English tweeted from the story: “The solemnity of remembrance has been twisted into a justification for conflict.” Bella Mackie with the Guardian suggested, “Ignore the John Lewis fake emotion ads, @1923TheBook on why he's wearing a poppy for the last time will make you weep.” Ian Silvera at the International Business Times begged to disagree: “Another person wrongly conflates politics with the poppy.”

At the Wall Street Journal, Matina Stevis writes that Northern Europe Beckons to Desperate Syrians. Charles Forelle there said of the story: “Must must must read @joewsj & @MatinaStevis's tale of two Syrian refugees.” Polya Lesova at MarketWatch said that “Thousands of Syrians try to get to Europe's northern countries to seek asylum. @WSJ reporting from Bulgaria & Sweden.” Paul Geitner at the New York Times wrote, “‘Europe was a dream for me, but also a gamble,’ middle-class in #Syria say.”

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