Bullies on the field

Grantland reports on Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal. April Fulton at NPR tweeted: “Enough about football macho crap! Man Up.” Meredith Melnick from Huffington Post tweeted from the story: "Marines have a strict anti-hazing policy but we need our fantasy warrior-avatars to be unrestrained & indestructible." Carolyn Tiry also tweeted this from the article: "What's the point of being strong if all you stand for is abusing a suffering teammate?"

Meanwhile, NBC Sports that David Cornwell’s statement regarding Jonathan Martin. Kerry Sanders there explained, “The #Dolphins bullying scandal has new claim: physical violence. #nbcsports w/ details. Players react @todayshow. Paola Boivin at the Arizona Republic pointed out, “The quote at the end is horrible.” Tim Mak from the Washington Examiner agreed: “Wow, this text to Jonathan Martin is nuts.” Evan S. Benn from the Miami Herald said, “Jonathan Martin's attorney alleges physical attacks and a newly reported vile verbal threat from a teammate.” Jimmy Traina from Fox Sports said, “Looking forward to dopes saying the remarks about Jonathan Martin's sister are ‘just hazing’ & ‘happen all the time.’” Steve Andress at WDRB 41 Louisville warned, “Anybody not taking Jonathan Martin's side in this fiasco, shame on you.” Ann Gerhart at the Washington Post shared what that horrible text message actually said, “Run train on your sister.” Caitlin Kelly at the The New Yorker added, “The last quote speaks volumes—but what do I know, I'm just a lady. Don't wanna feminize this bastion of manly virtue.”

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