Featured journalist: Martin Regg Cohn

Today we are so pleased to introduce to you as our featured journalist Martin Regg Cohn, a political columnist with the Toronto Star (that column, by the way, appears Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in the Star here!). A foreign correspondent for 11 years, Martin was chief of the Star's Middle East and Asia bureaus, then foreign editor, and, of course, most recently a world affairs columnist. In point of fact, he has reported from more than 40 countries--from Afghanistan to Yemen!


As one might imagine, during this time he has garnered plenty of accolades, including four distinct awards from Canada's National Newspaper Awards as well as a media award from Amnesty International Canada for his coverage of strife and starvation in Sudan.  To see more evidentiary support for his exemplary service to the field of journalism, be sure to stop by his portfolio--you will especially want to read his farewell article to his time a foreign correspondent, which starts with this heart-wrenching lede: "Nothing is quite so deflating as wending your way to the far ends of the earth only to feel like you never left home."

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