From the White House

Sam Stein from Huffington Post reports that Joe Biden Called A Second Wrong Number Searching For Boston Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh.  Kate Sheppard there asked, “How many random people did Joe Biden call to congratulate on being the new mayor of Boston.” Andrew Phelps at the New York Times said, “Joe Biden just kept calling 617’s until he got Marty Walsh.” Colleague Jess Bidgood tweeted: “‘Holler, man.’ HuffPo's got audio from another wrong number Joe Biden dialed before reaching @marty_walsh.”

On the other side of the administration, NBC News has less fun reports that Obama personally apologizes for Americans losing health coverage. Once again, Ted Cruz commented on Twitter: “Mr. President, if you're really sorry, then we need a #FullRepeal.” Jonathan Chait wrote, “Obama Apology Tour continues.” Doug MacEachern with the Arizona Republic added, “Let lip-biting and chin-quivering commence! Obama pretends insurance cancellations aren't central to the O-care plan.”

For more administration trouble, Warren Strobel at Reuters got the exclusive that Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords. Dan Whitcomb there explained, “Edward Snowden persuaded 20 to 25 NSA workers to give him their passwords.” Glenn Greenwald didn’t seem so happy to have someone else covering the beat that made his famous: “Now that anonymous officials disseminated these claims through Reuters, let's blindly assume they're true. And when did it become journalistically sound to report what ‘may have’ happened? Anything ‘may have’ happened,” he said. Kirit Radia at ABC News wrote, “#Snowden got colleagues to give him logins, used it to access classified info. NSA still doesn’t know how much he took.” Michel Marizco at KJZZ added, “Pro-tip: When you work for the NSA inside a spy base and someone asks you for your password to secret docs, say no.”

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