More trouble in Benghazi

Yesterday, CBS News wrote that 60 Minutes was reviewing their account of Morgan Jones on Benghazi. Morgan Little at the LA Times said, “Just two grafs with big implications for 60 Minutes' Benghazi reporting.” Freelancer Jason Leopold tweeted this quote from the piece: "We are looking into this serious matter to determine if he misled us .. if so, we w/make a correction.” Philip Bump at The Atlantic Wire rubbed some salt in the wound: “Nice work, CBS.” Scott Klein from ProPublica added, “CBS News mobile site redirects to a page that says to download the app, with no way of reading this article. Just me?”

Today, Michael Schmidt and Bill Carter at the New York Times tells us that the CBS Correspondent Apologizes for Report on Benghazi Attack. David Joachim there explained, “Lara Logan apologized for disputed Benghazi report and for relying on security officer who told conflicting tales.” Colleague Damien Cave was “Sad to see Lara Logan was duped, and kept believing this security contractor charlatan.” Julie Bosman also at NYT pointed out: “But the recently published book by the same CBS source is still on the shelves.”

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