Oh Canada

Just when we thought the Rob Ford fiasco was tapering out, a new video surfaces with this magic quote: "I need f---in 10 minutes to make sure he's dead.” Michael Crowley at Time Magazine said, “Who could have guessed you can't be a crack-smoking, murder-threatening public figure in the age of camera phones?” Chris Selley with National Post tweeted this quote from the story: “The behaviour is consistent with conversations I've had with Ford in which he used similar inflammatory vernacular.” Walter Shapiro at Yahoo! News tweeted: “Spin of day: Rob Ford seemingly threatens to kill someone in video. Aide: ‘It looks a lot worse than it really is.’” Sarah Kliff from the Washington Post made a great point: “Who knew Canadians could be so angry?!”

Speaking of our neighbors to the north, take this North-o-Meter quiz to figure out just how Northern you are. John Ley at the Telegraph said, “I'm 27% NORTHERN according to the #northometer! That's somewhere around London.” Amit Katwala at Sport Magazine wrote, “Southerners southerners southerners! I'm 5% NORTHERN according to the North-o-Meter! That's somewhere around Jersey.” Victoria Raimes with The Scotsman added: “I'm 97% NORTHERN according to the North-o-Meter! <-- Would rather chips, cheese and gravy, mind.”


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