Tweet tweet

You may think Twitter is all well and good with its awesome share price, but you might want to read Kathryn Schulz’s piece in New York Magazine about How Twitter Hijacked [Her] Mind first. Carolyn Ryan at the New York Times said, “Very wise @kathrynschulz piece on twitter's potent narcotic qualities.” Judith Mackrell at the Guardian tweeted, “She's inside my head ! @thestephmerritt @kathrynschulz's Ace piece on a writer's relationship with twitter.” Dan McCrum from Financial Times called it “A writer's love for the twitter bug that has burrowed into her brain.”

When you’re done, Chris Wilson at Time magazine has a handy guide to help you figure out How Much Money Twitter Owes You. Jim Roberts at Mashable said, “Cannot overstate how impressive this interactive tool is.” Jason Sanchez from CNN agreed: “This is pretty brilliant.” Elizabeth Holmes from the Wall Street Journal found out, “Twitter owes me $9,122.” Lindsey Wiebe at Maclean's Magazine also played along: “1 MIL…kidding. $1,500, actually.”

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