Money talks

Yeganeh Torbati at Reuters explains the Assets of the Ayatollah. Pedro da Costa there said, “Iran's 'supreme leader' Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures.” Justin Jacobs at the Petroleum Economist added, “Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei controls a business empire worth around $95 billion..”

For more money talk, Politico goes Inside a green billionaire's Virginia crusade. Alex Burns, who wrote the story said, “PS, @TomSteyer isn't ruling out a run for office himself.” Lachlan Markay at the Washington Free Beacon said, “Tom Steyer spent more on #VAgov, per voter, than Adelson spent on the 2012 presidential contest.” Jon Fine called it a “v smart and hugely important deep-dive on tactics used by Dems' potential answer to Koch bros.”

For one more bit of money news, the Wall Street Journal wonders: Could You Live Without Private Equity? John Crowley there explained: “@beckspritchard is trying to spend a week without touching a PE product.” Richard Partington at Financial News admitted: “Should be interesting!” Freelancer Shanny Basar wrote, “Harder that you might think.” Anousha Sakoui also at the Financial Times added: “This is brilliant - reporter can’t come in to the office (the offices are partially owned by BlackstoneBX -0.77%).”

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