Politics of the tri-state area

Nov 11, 2013

At BuzzFeed, Ben Smith explains that Mike Bloomberg Won't Be There To Buy Everyone Off In De Blasio's New York. He added, “My piece from last night on what happens in New York when Bloomberg's pacifying $ are gone.” Brett LoGiurato with Business Insider said, In Bloomberg's New York, mayor bribe you!” Josh Benson at Capital New York tweeted this quote from the article: "the participants in the machine ... have a shared interest in not talking about it." Colleague Azi Paybarah like a different one: "he could give every NYer $1,000 tomorrow & retain his place (after David Koch) as the second-richest guy in town.”

In other tri-state political happenings, Slate’s Dave Weigel said that Chris Christie Proves Just How Stupid the Sunday Shows Are. Jill Lawrence at the National Journal said, “Damning @daveweigel piece about content-free Christie interviews on Sunday shows, documented with all the questions.” John Edwards at the Wall Street Journal admitted, “I don't much miss the Sabbath gasbags.” Derek Thompson at The Atlantic tweeted: “In which @daveweigel brutalizes the Sunday talk shows (a low bar, perhaps, but cleared by a mile).” Matt Katz from the Philadelphia Inquirer explained: “.@GovChristie went on 4 Sunday News Shows & didn't get 1 tough question, reports @daveweigel.” Michael Calderone from Huffington Post included this quote from the piece: "Christie's able to run circles around the dazzled reporters who don't know how to interview him".”

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