Where in the world?!

Mariko Sanchanta Spotted this unusual board in the playroom at a Hong Kong pre-school and tweeted with “#bankerbabies.” Carmen Ng at Reuters said, “[Jaw-dropping] Seriously?” Veribatim warned: “America your children are doomed.” Josh Barro at Business Insider already had the list for it: “5 traders under 5…”

Elsewhere in the world, an artist nailed his testicles to ground in Red Square. This is news we know thanks to Shaun Walker at The Guardian. Cooper Fleishman at The Daily Dot called him (the artist?) a “Good content creator.” John Del Signore at Gothamist wrote, “Completely nuts.” Patrick Madden tweeted: “This stunt took a lot of you-know-what.” Drew Magary at Gawker was quite disturbed: “WHY IS THERE A PICTURE?! “

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