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Some big splashes today in journalism career-related moves: first off, Hugo Lindgren is reportedly leaving his post as editor of The New York Times Magazine, which has most newsies disappointed. "Good guy -- good run," reacted Glenn Thrush at Politico. Elsewhere at Politico: "Sorry to see this. Been a huge fan of NYT Mag under @HugoLindgren," Ben White tweeted his support. "I'm sure he will be on to something awesome."

That, of course, has everyone speculating as to who will replace him--so The Awl put out this list of 14 possibilities. The list "misses a few internal stars, but a fun read as usual," concluded NYT's Damien Cave, and the article certainly spurred a flurry of support for different names. "Casting my vote for @AnnaHolmes," announced Wired's Joe Brown, upon reading, with Talking Points Memo's Hunter Walker tweeting the hashtag #TeamAnnaHolmes in agreement. "Renata [Adler]," insisted Laura June at The Verge, while journalist Peter Ha dramatically declared, "@ClaraJeffery or death." Well, yikes.

Still, we're happy to see so much support for female candidates.

In other major job changes, CNN just hired Brian Stelter as the host of Reliable sources (scroll down to Career Updates for more information on that!), while Yahoo News found a new national political columnist in Matt Bai, who tweeted "After 11 awesome years at @NYTmag, I have an extremely cool new job at @YahooNews. (Might add a ! on my name.)"

And in Sports, there's more to meet the eye in the case of former Cowboys and Bears receiver Sam Hurd, who faces life in prison for drug trafficking. It's a piece that's "super relevant to Chicago fans, who'll likely see a former Bear sentenced to life in prison tomorrow," remarked Adam Duerson at Sports Illustrated. "'Breaking Real Bad' - must-read story on former WR turned drug kingpin Sam Hurd," concluded SI's Peter King.

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