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Matt Waite from Neiman Lab explains How I faced my fears and learned to be good at math. Nieman Lab chimed in with: “This is why journalists saying they’re “bad at math” is no longer acceptable.” Chad Skelton from the Vancouver Sun tweeted this quote from Waite’s piece: "Name me a growth area in journalism and I’ll show you an area in desperate need of people who can do a bit of math.” Dan Rowinski at ReadWrite admitted: “I only joke that I am. :)”

Marc Tracy at the New Republic explains that even though New York Times is losing Stelter, Silver, and Lindgren, the paper won’t be damaged long-term. Tracy added, “Everyone needs to chill out about the NYT.” Mark Leibovich at the New York Times said, “well, phew...was beginning to feel less prestigious.” Dylan Byers at Politico wrote, “I still think Jill would be happier with more money to give.” Charles Homans from The Atavist said, “Important point in here: NYT is one of the only outlets left with the $/focus to avoid conflict of interest traps.” J duLac from the Washington Post tweeted: “A+ comment at the end of this TNR piece: ‘The Times is like Alabama football. It'll just reload for the next season.’” Damien Cave at the New York Times concluded: “...we are becoming more like the Moneyball A’s.”

In another journalism/sports overlap, the Times’ Jonathan Martin writes, Sorry, Wrong Jonathan Martin. Corrie MacLaggan from the Texas Tribune said, “I don't think my name has ever been confused for that of an NFL player. @jmartNYTcan't say the same. Fun story.” Nick Baumann from Mother Jones tweeted this quote from Martin’s piece: “'I have walked where fate has now taken you,' wrote @GerrySandusky, who surely had it harder than me.”

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