Tech talk

Twitter Introduced custom timelines yesterday. Hannah Kuchler at the Financial Times wrote, “Let 1000 Twitters bloom: Twitter unveils custom timelines so people can create event or theme based streams.” Kevin Grant at GlobalPost tweeted: “Party on.”

Polygon published their Playstation 4 Review this morning. Sam Sheffer at The Verge tweeted: “WOW @POLYGON’S PS4 REVIEW IS A MASTERPIECE.” Colleague Nilay Patel agreed: “Polygon's PS4 review is a thing of extreme beauty. Check out the cover page on the home page as well.” Matt Buchanan from The New Yorker said, “psnowfall amirite lol.” Freelancer Clay Dillow tweeted: “Har har.”

Elsewhere in tech, Henry Blodget at Business Insider writes about the Tesla Pickup Truck. Julia Pyper from ClimateWire explained, “FYI -- Musk says Tesla is planning to make a pickup truck.” Jordan Weissmann at The Atlantic called it an, “Interesting, possibly daft idea.” Thomas Mucha from GlobalPost wondered, “Is greenneck a word yet?”

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