Gettin' political

Unsurprisingly, many of our top trending topics tend to be political in nature, and few things have gone more viral among journalists than this twitpic of Mayor Rob Ford before Toronto councilJackson Proskow at Global News shared it with this caption: "Mayor Ford in council now. Jersey. Cowboy boots."  Shamus McGillicuddy at TechTarget observed, "Like seeing Lindsay Lohan's meltdown all over again."

In American politics, a fascinating article by Politico'Glenn Thrush delves into the confines of Obama's closest advisors under the ominous headline "Locked in the Cabinet." "The worst job in Obama's Washington," decided Denise Kersten Wills, also at Politico. "Politico story on relationship between Obama & cabinet has striking similarities to complaints in Ottawa," noticed Wall Street Journal Ottawa Correspondent Paul Vieira.

Also in government, two secret service supervisors have been cut from Obama’s detail after alleged misconduct. At ABC24 CW30 MemphisCameron Harper explains, "Secret Service agent in trouble after leaving his bullet in woman's hotel room. Code name: Barney."

And relatedly (to DC, anyway), Millennials reportedly are flocking to Washington after abandoning the city during the recession. Mallika Rao at HuffPo scream-tweeted, "Stop taking our young people @danmcswain & @esthermariaOHMY !!!!!"

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