Media mash-up

In another edition of media dissecting other media, here's Jack Shafer with Reuters to remind you that your ‘exclusive’ interview ... isn’t. Yeah, you heard him! "Ditto, amen and thank you, Jack! You tell 'em," Frazier Moore reacted at the Associated Press, clearly in hearty agreement. Erik Eckholm with the New York Times added this thought: "Word 'exclusive' should be banned, seldom true and who cares anyway."
We also received the sad word that the San Francisco Chronicle plans to end its prized food section. At the LA TimesChris Megerian explained this decision's significance: "How important has food coverage been to @sfchronicle? 'The newspaper jarred its own branded honey.'" So was it the right decision? Guardian's Dan Gillmor seems not to think so: "We were getting Sunday SF Chronicle at home, but the end of the Food & Wine section is a tipping point. Bye bye."
In happier news, Politico Magazine debuted its new look, and that was a hit. At the Globe and MailMatt Frehner tweeted, "Nice and clean. (And sponsored!)" Hannah Fairfield at The New York Times was also impressed: "Hats off to @janetmichaud." But Politico media reporter Dylan Byers seemed positively enraptured with his publication's unveiling: "Jesus the new POLITICO Magazine looks good."
Less of a hit: this New York Times' style piece on nanny recipes (and that's putting it mildly). Stella Bugbee at New York Magazine picked put a prime example of its offensiveness: “'But if a kid is in a mac-and-cheese phase, we also want to help them out of it.' This article is the WORST." Dante Ramos at the Boston Globe asked sarcastically, "Don't you just hate it when your nanny cooks déclassé meals for your trophy children?" In another fit of facetiousness, Jessica Valenti at The Nation gasped, "MONSTER: 'Their nanny, from Wisconsin, does not always know the difference between quinoa and couscous.'" 
Freelance journalist Scott Tobias simply said "Kill."
And in social media, The Atlantic asserts that Upworthy is clickbait with a conscience. After reading, Ben Allen with WITF Central Pennsylvania admitted, "I didn't want to click on this story about @Upworthy, but then I did and it changed my life in one big way."
On a similar note, here's a piece on viral journalism and the "Valley of Ambiguity." Buzzfeed's Summer Anne Burton remarked, "I don't totally agree with this, but it was very interesting… so I think by sharing it I'm contradicting the thesis?"
Plus, did you know Snapchat spurned a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook? "I'd rather have Snapchat's revenue eventually pay for the plane versus buy it with Zuck's check," TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis quoted from the piece. Dem fightin' words!
And finally, this is the best Twitter conversation you will read today. Social media managers, doin' it right!

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