Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … The trailer bike was patented by Delbert Adams in which country? And that answer would be Canada!

And the winner is Apoorva Sripathi with The Hindu, for being the first reader to tweet in correctly! Congratulations also go out to Kristen Carlson@.l.interpretations, and Rachel Roh for also getting the answer right! Oh, and honorable mention goes to Bill Chuck with the Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe, who not only got the answer right, but also managed to work in the beginning lines of the Canadian national anthem!

Your question of the day for today is … During the French revolution, aristocrat Charlotte Corday was found responsible for assassinating newspaper journalist Jean Paul Marat, whose published demands for the executions of those he perceived to be traitors were often met. At her trial, what were the famous words she used to justify her actions? Bonus points if you write it in the original French!

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