China, China, and ... more China

Nov 15, 2013

A huge announcement comes from China in the form of a leaked document indicating the country will loosen its restrictions on its one-child policy, as well as end labor camps. Reuters South Asia correspondent Nita Bhalla summed it up nicely in her reaction: "Wow! Big news." The Wall Street Journal also carried this story, detailing how Chinese couples comprised of at least one only child may now have more than one themselves--previously, restrictions required that both parents have no siblings.


WSJ's Chao Deng correctly called it a "[b]usy busy evening" in China. As WNYC's Jody Avirgan pointed out, "'I'm an only child' just became the most attractive thing you can put on your Chinese online dating profile." Also at WSJ, Duncan Mavin joked, "Time to invest in double-stroller manufacturers."
At the same time, this New York Times piece by David Barboza on JPMorgan Chase's ties to one of the Chinese elite is still making the rounds. "A contract shows $JPM’s relationship with the daughter of China’s ex-PM," NYT's Eric Owles explains, later adding, "To promote its standing in China, JPMorgan turned to Lily Chang. Of course $JPM knew that wasn't her real name." Owles then asked: "Why is @ChelseaClinton the knee-jerk response for people defending JPMorgan's hiring strategy in China?" Colleague Ray Krueger called it "[m]ore great investigative reporting on China from the NYT." 

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