Media mélange

Nov 15, 2013

In media, we learn from the NYT that British press freedom is under threat. In the UK, the Guardian's Luke Harding approvingly quotes from the piece, tweeting, "Cameron challenging Britain's 'long tradition of a free, inquisitive press,'" thereby "criminalising Guardian." "You're on notice, David Cameron," announced freelance journo Adrienne LaFrance. And we were glad to see former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald weigh in: "Excellent New York Times editorial on an oxymoron: 'British press freedom.'"

Meanwhile, over in France, a newspaper has removed all its pictures in a show of support for photographers. Mediagazer's Patricia Sauthoff noted, "Photojournalism is incredibly important. Removing all images from the paper in support is a beautiful gesture." Moreover, at Al Jazeera English Imran Khan noticed something else: "In what surely must be a first, someone has posted a really interesting comment to an article. I'm not joking..."

On that note, the AFP shared a powerful photo of its own from the Philippines that gripped many on Twitter: a woman keeping her husband alive by manually pumping air into his lungs in Tacloban, where hospitals were still without power.

Also, Capital New York's Joe Pompeo informs us that this is not your father's "Wall Street Journal."  WSJ's own Rubina Fillion  reflected, "Words that didn't used to be associated with @WSJ: 'glamorou'" 'Daft Punk' 'kale salad' How things have changed."

And speaking of the WSJ, they brought us a multimedia masterpiece depicting a desperate fight to save kids and change science. "Read this from start to finish," recommended Matt Turner at Financial News.

Buzzfeed lets us know that The Washington Post’s "Upworthy-inspired" blog KnowMore is already among its most popular web properties. That spawned a host of rewritten headlines:

  • From WaPo's Max Fisher: "The Washington Post Tried To Launch A Smart, Non-Cloying UpWorthy-Style Site. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next."
  • From @markarms: "I Can't Stop Looking at How @BuzzFeed Devoted an Entire Article to One Blog and Then Didn't Even Link To It."
  • From Sarah Owen at the Des Moines Register: "This Venerable Website Did A Weird Experiment. What Happens Next..."
WHYY's Zack Sewardobserved, "And then everyone went Upworthy. This could get annoying."

Best of all, The Patriot News in central Pennsylvania prints the most amazing retraction--for an editorial published "seven score and ten years ago." 

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