#Muckedup chat Tuesday: breaking news, exclusives and embargoes

#Muckedup chat Tuesday: breaking news, exclusives and embargoes

If everyone is reporting on the same story at what point is it no longer "breaking news?" What about exclusives? What exactly constitutes an exclusive? How much new or unique information has to be added to a piece to gain that distinction? 

With news shot at us from a seemingly never ending quiver of digital arrows, definitions have become murkier than ever, and like the overused tech terms "pivot" and "disrupt," these phrases are used and overused to the point where they've lost most of their meaning. This is both a disservice to readers and lazy, at times unprofessional behavior on the part of journos.  

This week on the chat we'll try to create some clear working definitions and distinctions. We'll also take a look at the role of PR and embargoed press releases in this relationship, a critical link in the chain, and often a bargaining chip to try to get journos to cover "exclusives." See you Tuesday, November 19 at 8 EST

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