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Nov 15, 2013

You really don't have to read too far past the headline of this Roll Call post from columnist Warren Rojas to know what's wrong with it: "Somebody Spot Janet Yellen Some New Threads." Or, you could also scroll through our trending comment section on the piece, and see other journos skewer it with sarcasm and disgust. There's so much gold, we couldn't pick just three, so here are all our favorites, as of deadline:

  • The Atlantic's David Graham asked, facetiously, "Why doesn't Janet Yellen keep a meticulous record of what she wears every day for months, like a normal person?
  • Buzzfeed's Rosie Gray wanted to know, "guys why is it weird to wear the same outfit on two occasions a MONTH apart?"
  • Also at BuzzfeedMcKay Coppins laid on more sarcasm: "This is disqualifying."
  • Washington Post's Niraj Chokshi insisted, "If your job is to steer the world's largest economy you should be allowed to wear a tracksuit every day if you want."
  • The New Yorker's Caitlin Kelly quoted from the piece: "'At least we know her mind won’t be preoccupied with haute couture.' Which was a legit concern, because WOMAN LADY."
  • New York Magazine's Dan Amira confessed: "I literally wear the same pair of jeans every single day."
  • Slate's Dave Weigel channeled The Onion: "Area Person Has Favorite Jacket."
  • The Atlantic's Matt O'Brien: "I thought goldbugs had the dumbest things to say about Janet Yellen. Nope, it's Roll Call."
  • New York TimesJohn Harwood deemed it "sexism plus ordinary stupid snark."
  • But The Blaze's Eddie Scarry bravely attempted to defend the piece, saying, "Finally got to see @WARojas's item about Janet Yellin's clothes. Don't act like it's not funny."
... Then Molly Ball at the Atlantic pointed out "Check it out guys, my 8-month-old daughter has the same outfit as Janet Yellen" and we all basically lost it after that.

And moving over to international relations, we all know about the State department's list of countries and foreign cities that American tourists should steer clear of--but what do other countries say about our cities? Wonder no more--here are the 16 American cities foreign governments warn their citizens about. (This writer also happens to be from Cleveland, and loves that the mayor of Cleveland Heights took such umbrage with France's warnings!)

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