Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … During the French revolution, what were the famous words aristocrat Charlotte Corday used to justify assassinating newspaper journalist Jean Paul Marat? That answer would be "I killed one man to save 100,000," or, "j'ai tué un homme pour en sauver cent mille" en français! 

First place goes to Ron Harris at the Associated Press for beating everyone to it by a mile (and he did indeed do it in French!) Very honorable mentions also go to Bo Burlingham@.l.interpretationsJeanne Kirk, and Pittsburgh Magazine's Cindi Lash for tweeting in the correct answers (also all in French)! We would also like to single out Anna Li for tweeting in the correct answer, as well as adding this additional powerful quote from Corday: "J'ai vengé bien d'innocentes victimes, j'ai prévenu bien d'autres désastres," or, "I have avenged many innocent victims, I have prevented many other disasters."

Your question of the day for today is … From where did the pioneer woman journalist who was born Elizabeth Jane Cochran get the inspiration for her (much more famous) pseudonym?

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