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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked … From where did the pioneer woman journalist who was born Elizabeth Jane Cochran get the inspiration for her (much more famous) pseudonym? We're talking about Nellie Bly here, of course, but the actual answer is that she adopted the name based on the popular song "Nelly Bly" by Stephen Foster. And by the way, she did originally intend for her pseudonym to be spelled "Nelly" like the title character, but her editor wrote "Nellie" by mistake, and it stuck!

First place goes--once again!--to Ron Harris at the Associated Press. Ron's got a winning streak going! Very honorable mentions also go to @.l.interpretations, freelance journalist Amy Zipkin, and Leonard Greycloud for also tweeting the answer correctly. Special snaps for Pittsburgh Magazine's Cindi Lash, who not only got the answer right but also reminds us that "Pittsburgher Nellie Bly's pen name cribbed from song by another son of the 'Burgh."

Your question of the day for today is … Who was the soon-to-be household name that Edward Murrow personally hired to help CBS with continental European coverage leading up to and during World War II?

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