Random and ridiculous

A great piece by Boston Globe's Billy Baker dissects the nuances of the accent on Boston's new mayor. "Our new mayor, @marty_walsh, has a great accent, so I had linguists explain how to drop your Rs like a Boston may-uh," Baker explained. Or as New York Times journo Katharine Q. Seelye put it, "Maeh Mahdee Walsh speaks pure Bostonese, unlike many actors, who try too hahd."

And if you thought the Breaking Bad madness was finally over, just wait until you watch this YouTube video of its alternate ending--it's an homage to Newhart and so much more that you absolutely must see for yourself. "Bryan Cranston actually made the ‘Malcom in the Middle’ / ‘Breaking Bad’ alternate ending," Digg's Ross Neumann incredulously tweeted. "Yes, it's as amazing as you think," added VentureBeat's Devindra Hardawar.

Best of all, we must point out to you this amazing twitpic shared by none other than Tampa Bay TimesCraig Pittman: "THIS IS AWESOME: Trail camera catches deer fleeing a flying squirrel." Apparently the Internet at large agreed with said awesomeness, as that picture alone received 107 retweets and 72 favorites (at last count, that is)!

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