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Jack Shafer at Reuters has penned more philosophical prose, and this time it's on how newsroom big mouths strike again. Colleague Jonathan Spicer summarized it: "'There is nothing as leaky or lippy as a newsroom..' -@jackshafer on Forsythe." Media blogger Jim Romenesko added, "Jack Shafer: 'Firing a journalist for leaking to the press or for complaining defines hypocrisy.'" All this led Buzzfeed's Peter Lauria to ask, "Did someone slip @jackshafer some 5-hour energy or something..he's been unstoppable lately."

George Zimmerman is back in the headlines, and it appears that even most journalists are tired of that fact. "Will he ever leave the news?" wondered NBC Charlotte'Russ Owens, speaking for, well ... basically everyone. This time reports reveal Zimmerman has been arrested after an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend. At Daily KosDavid Waldman tweeted testily, "When his GF called police, Zimmermann pointed shotgun 'and asked her if she really wanted to do that.' Because hero." These recent revelations have sparked plenty of sarcasm in reporters: Orlando Sentinel's George Diaz quipped, "Law abiding protector of the world George Zimmerman arrested again," while The New Republic's Julia Ioffe surmised, "George Zimmerman's girlfriend must have been really aggressive."

Sadly, it looks as if new network Al Jazeera America is failing to attract the audience it needs in the US. Washington Post's J duLac observed, "Al Jazeera America's audience size is 'on par w/a public access channel.' Real shame. They're doing great journalism." Peter Kafka tweeted, "No one is watching Al Jazeera America. Not surprising, nor is NY Post's glee in passing this information along." But Peter Lauria isn't phased: "My guess is Al Jazeera America doesn't care at all about has all it needs in carriage & financial backing."

In happier news, The Atlantic Wire has relaunched as The Wire, marked by this tweet: "Hello, world." ReutersMargarita Noriegareplied, "Hey girl." Ken Rice at CBS Pittsburgh finished with, "... here's a song that we're singing."

Also, do we know the exact words of the Gettysburg Address? Carolyn Ryan at the New York Times reacted, "Fantastic! AP cub reporter assigned to cover Gettysburg address forgot to take notes." J duLac filled in the blanks: "The @AP reporter covering the Gettysburg Address was star-struck and stopped taking notes. Lincoln's text saved him."

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