Wal-Mart food drive: Good or bad?

The question of the morning, as first posed by the Plain Dealer: Is a Cleveland Wal-Mart's request that associates donate Thanksgiving dinner for co-workers proof of its own low wages? "Walmart is collecting canned goods - to help its own employees. @OPinfo checks it out," tweeted The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Steve Koff. Freelance journalist Steve Silberman seems to have already made up his mind, though: "@Walmart employees hold food drive so fellow workers on starvation wages can celebrate Thanksgiving."

The story was also picked up by ThinkProgress, prompting Matt Spence at The Times to reflect, "Oh dear. Well-meaning Wal-Mart manager commits colossal PR gaffe." Business Insider also ran with the story, which LA TimesChris Barton responded to by musing, "If only there was some way WalMart could help its employees other than a food drive. Hang on, it'll come to me." Meanwhile, St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Tim Logan quoted from a Slate piece on the same news: "'Corporate America has done so well squeezing wages that it's hurting biz' ability to sell things to ppl'."

(Photo credit: Northfoto / Shutterstock.com)

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