ESPN hires in advance of FiveThirtyEight relaunch

The data-driven will re-launch in early 2014 in coordination with ESPN, according to the sports network. And you know what that means: new team members added to the group, led of course by Editor-in-Chief Nate Silver.  

First, Mike Wilson is tapped as managing editor, in which position he will spearhead the site's editorial operations. Most recently the managing editor of Florida's largest newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, Wilson is used to overseeing Pulitzer-winning reporting.

"So hard to leave @TB_Times, a great journalism institution. Grateful for all the opportunity and support I've had here," Wilson tweeted.

"Clearly @fivethirtyeight is hiring strong: the great @mwilsontimes is the new managing editor," reacted freelance journalist Tommy Tomlinson.

Next, Carl Bialik assumes the role of senior writer in their news division. Bialik is tasked with "untangling controversies over data and statistics as they arise in the news cycle," and as the writer of Wall Street Journal's "The Numbers Guy" column, there's no one better for the job.

"Thrilled to join @fivethirtyeight in a few weeks at ESPN, with @micahcohen & @WaltHickey. I'll remain in London at first, then return to NYC," Bialik tweeted.

"Congrats to @fivethirtyeight. @CarlBialik is a great hire," Chicago Tribune's Phil Rosenthal responded.

And as you might have guessed from Bialik's tweet, Micah Cohen has joined as senior editor, in charge of overseeing blogs. Previously paired with Silver at The New York Times, Cohen will also continue to cover politics.

"A big welcome to @CarlBialik @fivethirtyeight.... He's a huge addition to the team," Cohen said of Bialik's hiring, later tweeting of Wilson, "@fivethirtyeight is getting a first class journalist in @mwilsontimes as our M.E. Could not be more excited."

Also teased in Bialik's tweet was the recent hiring of Walter Hickey, senior writer on the science and lifestyle beat and most recently a journalist with Business Insider.

"Thrilled to announce that I'll be joining the team at the new @fivethirtyeight. I'm so excited. This is going to be awesome," Hickey recently tweeted. "The work BI is doing is top notch. They're brilliant people doing incredible work, and I'm sad to go."

Finally, Harry Enten also joins as senior writer on the political beat. Most recently with The Guardian, Enten will use statistics to analyze elections, congressional phenomena, and a host of other subjects.

"The reason I'm departing [the Guardian] is that I'll be joining @fivethirtyeight as its Senior Political Writer," Enten recently tweeted. "I'm very excited to join the team!"

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