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Nov 20, 2013

The Wall Street Journal provides A year on the Syrian-Turkish border. Matthew Rose there announced, “A multimedia report from along the Syria/Turkish border, tracking the havoc through video and news reports.” Colleague Will Connors admitted, “I've been waiting for this. Important series from my colleagues in Syria..” Anton Troianovski also at WSJ said, “This is a really engrossing multi-video feature about changed lives on Syria's border, by @JoeWSJ and @malas_n.” Pierre Briançon from Reuters called it, “Absolutissimo readissimo WSJ interactive project on a year in the life at the Syria-Turkey border.”

BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray found out that the EU Says It Has Nothing To Do With New Press Restrictions At Iran Talks In Geneva. She also tweeted: “at least i got to enjoy one of those $$$ Intercon burgers with @KiritRadia_ABC before the ban.” Paul Richter at the LA Times wrote, “US press, already in crisis, faces new threat: media gear barred from hotel bar at Geneva nuclear talk.” Thomas Erdbrink from the New York Times said, “Is Beirut embassy bombing the reason for extra security measures during the Iran - world powers talks in Geneva.” Margaret Brennan at CBS News called it, “Ridiculous.”

According to the New York Times, Iran's Leader Wants Friendly Relations With United States. Adam Pasick from Quartz tweeted this quote from the piece: “‘We are not hostile to the American nation,’ says Ayatollah. ‘Death to America,’ the militiamen chanted in response.” David Kenner at Foreign Policy Magazine wonders if this is the “Nicest thing Khamenei ever said about the US?”

Also at the Times, this question: How Is Hamid Karzai Still Standing? Michael Calderone from Huffington Post explained, “Karzai tells NYT Mag that the Times is too negative about him: ‘They behave more like the Pravda of the Soviet Union.’” Colin Freeze from Globe and Mail pointed out an, “Ominous Karzai quote via @DalrympleWill ‘U will not get an Afghanistan divided into fiefdoms.Over our dead bodies.’” Michael Goldfarb at GlobalPost suggested: “Put this aside and read it when you have an uninterrupted block of time.” Freelancer Mujib Mashal felt differently: “Considering unprecedented access - 8hrs of interviews- I did not find much new in this @DalrympleWill Karzai profile.”


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