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A CBS Poll says that Obamacare support and Obama’s approval have sunk to new lows. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post wrote, “Obama sure is good at receiving bad poll numbers these day,” soon adding, “Another stat from that poll though: 48% support improving health care law; 43% support repeal.” David Wessel at the Wall Street Journal had other numbers to share: “CBS poll: Obamacare support (31%), Obama approval (37%) sink to new lows.” Mark Knoller from CBS News pointed out, “You can read the actual questions used in today's CBS News poll at the bottom of the webstory.”

You can also watch President Obama's Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg Address, courtesy of the White House. Nikki Schwab at U.S. News & World Report said, “POTUS writes note paying tribute to #GettysburgAddress. He probably got so much ink smudged on his hand. #lefties.” Binyamin Appelbaum at the New York Times tweeted: "150 years after President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, President Obama penned a handwritten tribute.” Tim Kiladze from Globe and Mail said, “Regardless of your politics, you can't deny that Obama is a skilled writer.” Alex Fitzpatrick from Time Magazine added, “Has the White House provided a readable version of Obama's Gettysburg thoughts yet?”

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