More scoops from Snowden

Another bombshell revelation from Edward Snowden: America's NSA struck a secret deal with British intelligence officials to analyze and store the phone, internet and email records of ordinary UK citizens, writes James Ball at the Guardian. Also there, national security editor Spencer Ackerman called it, "One of the most important #NSAfiles stories yet." Glenn Greenwald added, "Since UK has allowed NSA to collect/store data about British citizens, it seems likely that the converse is true." GigaOM's David Meyer pensively tweeted, "I wonder how people in the UK will react to this ..."

Twitter was rife with praise for Ball's decision to publish the news. "Really, you've got to call him James Ball So Hard," Ackerman quipped. Greenwald also had this to say: "The best answer to thuggish threats from the govt against press freedoms is to keep publishing fearlessly."

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