#Muckedup chat Tuesday: spam, spam, spam

Nov 21, 2013
#Muckedup chat Tuesday: spam, spam, spam

Spam. The precooked meat was first introduced to the world way back in 1937. Nearly 77 years later, it's still on the menu, but it's nothing any real foodie would want on the end of their fork (except in Japan, of course).

The same goes for the online version, which lives on web sites and more and more, on social media platforms and even on former news sites like the now-defunct Online Journalism Review. The OJR isn't the only victim, though. Today, the Nieman Lab pointed out an old Poynter website has been taken over and turned into a spamblog. It's like the borg in Star Trek or the slimy aliens in Alien. Yuck.  

Spam, spam, spam. It's everywhere and it's getting more aggressive. It's in your email, social accounts, search engines, practically everywhere you turn. This week we're going to take on the insidious piece of content none of us are content with. Because not only is it annoying, but the constan distraction can seriously curb productivity...and even entice us to click and possibly even get phished (which I am sad to report has happened to me and folks I know-- on more than one occasion). So learn from our collective mistakes and be wary and vigilant. Join us this Tuesday, November 26 at 8 EST to talk about how to block break and beat the beast. See you then. 

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